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Walter Wallace

Department of Sociology
201 Nassau St, Room 21
Princeton, NJ 08544

My career has been spent trying to integrate multiple sociological theories into a single set of commonly held ideas. I now believe computer integrations of such theories and their systematic adjustment to empirical data will eventually make a big difference both to our field and to the future of human society. It will add the first scientifically foresightful mechanisms of sociocultural evolution to what has hitherto been only blind natural selection and near-blind elite direction. Adding such mechanisms will be like adding headlights to a car we are driving along unfamiliar and unlighted roads at night, not, of course, that the mechanisms will shut down political debate, but they will give it a firmer basis.

Selected Publications: 

Malthus, Darwin, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Ibn Khaldun: On Human Species Survival, published by Gordian Knot Books, 2009 

Click here to download additional chapter of Malthus, Darwin, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, and Ibn Khaldun: On Human Species Survival. 

"A Darwinian Theory of Ethnicity, 'Race,' and Nationality" International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Vol. XLI, No. 2, pp. 147-201. 2000. 

The Future of Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality. Westport CN: Praeger. 1997. 

A Weberian Theory of Human Society: Structure and Evolution. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 1994. 

Principles of Scientific Sociology. Hawthorne, NY: Aldine. 1983. 

The Logic of Science in Sociology. Chicago: Aldine. 1971. 

Sociological Theory. Chicago: Aldine (author-editor). 1969.