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Graduate Courses in Sociology

Below we list graduate courses in Sociology, along with related courses and other courses taught by Sociology faculty. All Sociology students are normally expected to take 501, 502, 503, 504, and 550 during their course of study. Courses taken by most graduate students as part of their basic preparation are offered each year. Seminars focusing on selected topics are more likely to be offered every other year. In addition to the departmental courses listed below, a number of relevant courses in statistics, social policy, and regional studies are offered through the Woodrow Wilson School. Students also routinely arrange individualized reading courses with faculty and informal seminars involving several students and a faculty member. 

Courses in Sociology

Required Core
500    Applied Social Statistics
501    Classical Social Theory
502    Contemporary Theory
503    Techniques and Methods of Social Science
504    Advanced Social Statistics
505    Research Seminar in Empirical Investigation
506    Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity

507    Topics in Comparative, Regional and Political Sociology
508    Styles of Comparative Research
512    Research Seminar in Comparative Studies
513    Political Sociology
WWS516a /Soc 518  Topics in Law: The Rule of Law
519    Collective Behavior

Sociology of Culture
520    Topics in Sociology of Culture
521    Sociology of Culture
522    Sociology of Religion
524    Culture and Cognition
525    Culture and Communications
526    Cultural Analysis
527    Religion and Public Life

536    Nuptiality and Fertility
Econ 571/Soc 531  Survey of Population Problems
WWS 537/Soc 537  Social Organization of Cities
Econ 572/Soc 532  Research Methods in Demography

540    Topics in Economic and Organizational Sociology
541    Economic Sociology
542    Complex Organizations
544    Social Network Analysis
546    Politics and Economics

533     Ethnography for Sociologists I
534    Ethnography for Sociologists II
545    Advanced Sociological Fieldwork I
546     Advanced Sociological Fieldwork II
550    Topics in Ethnography
551    The Ethnographic Tradition
552    The Logic of Ethnographic Methods
553    Fieldwork Methods: The Nuts and Bolts of Ethnographic Research
554    Ethnographic Analysis and Writing
555    Microsociology

560    Topics in Social Stratification: Race & Ethnicity in Global Comparative Perspective
562    Race and Ethnicity
563    Sociology of Gender
565    Inequality and Culture
566    Comparative Work and Labor Markets
WWS 526/Soc 568  Poverty and Public Policy
WWS 590b/Pol 598 Politics of Inequality and Redistribution
WWS 590c/Soc 571  Sociological Studies of Inequality [limited to JDP students]
WWS 594b Psychology and Inequality
WWS 594f/Soc 569  Other People’s Poverty: Lessons from the OECD Countries
WWS 594g/Soc 571 Sociological Studies of Inequality [for non-JDP students]
570    Inequality and Culture

Migration and Development
575    Topics and Migration and Development: Immigration and Development
578    Sociology of Immigration and Ethnicity
WWW 536/Soc 579  Immigration, Ethnicity and Public Policy
WWS 571b/Soc 580  Urbanization and Development
WWS 571b/Soc 581  Topics in Development: Globalization and Policy
582    International Migration and Public Policy

557    Technology Studies
590    Topics in Sociological Methods
592    Text as Data
593    Missing Data Analysis
596    Computational Social Science (Social Research in the Digital Age) Pol 573/Soc 595  Quantitative Analysis III
596    Web-based Social Research
597    Causal Inference


Department of Sociology Reading Courses

Spring 2015 Reading Courses
Soc 716 Organizational Theory, Miguel Centeno
Soc 717 Political Sociology, Miguel Centeno

Fall 2014 Reading Courses
Soc 712 Readings in Sociology of Religion, Robert Wuthnow
Soc 713 The Sociology of Intellectuals and Ideas, Neil Gross
Soc 714 Comparative Historical Sociology, Andreas Wimmer
Soc 715 Sociology of Law, Kim Scheppele

Spring 2014 Reading Courses
Soc 709 Sociology of the Family, Sara McLanahan
Soc 710 Sociology of Health and Well-Being, Scott Lynch

Fall 2013 Reading Courses
Soc 701 Sociology of Food, Paul DiMaggio
Soc 702 Global Systemic Risk, Miguel Centeno
Soc 703 Sociology of the Welfare State, Paul Starr