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Papers Published & Accepted for Publication

Yael Berda
Berda, Yael (Forthcoming, June 2012). The Bureaucracy of the Occupation: The Permit Regime in the West Bank. Van Leer Institute and Hakibutz Hameuhad Publishers, Tel Aviv. (Hebrew)

Berda, Yael. "Population Control Policies." 2012. Encyclopedia of Global Studies. Ed. Helmut K. Anheier, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Victor Faessel. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. Pp. 1350-53. SAGE Reference Online.

Constitutional Theory, Strategy and Public Interest Lawyering: In the Case Annulling Prison Privatization - HJC 2605/05 (with Barnea Gilad), Tel Aviv University Journal of Law and Social Change, 3 (2011), 145 – 161.

Angele Christin
2011. “Le rôle de la socialisation artistique durant l’enfance: Genre et pratiques culturelles légitimes aux Etats-Unis.” Réseaux, 168-169(4): p. 59-86.

2011. “Caméra, Terrain et Sciences Sociales. Présentation” (with Paul Pasquali). Revue de Synthèse, 132 (6), n° 3, p. 319-324.

2011. “Retour sur le Voyage dans les Ghettos du Gotha. Entretien” (with Paul Pasquali). Revue de Synthèse, 132 (6), n° 3, p. 401-410.

Renee Flores
Flores, René and Edward Telles. Forthcoming. “Social Stratification in Mexico: Disentangling Color,
2012 Ethnicity, and Class.” American Sociological Review.

Telles, Edward and René Flores. Forthcoming. “Not Just Color: Whiteness, Nation, and Status in Latin America.” Hispanic American Historical Review.

Miguel Angel Centeno, Jose Miguel Cruz, René Flores, and Gustavo Silva Cano. “Internal
Wars and Latin American Nationalism,” in John A. Hall and Sinisa Malasevic (eds) Nationalism
and War. Cambridge University Press.

Sara Islam
The Qubaysiyyat: The Growth of an International Women’s Revivalist Movement in Syria and the United States (1960-2008), in Women, Leadership, and Mosques: Changes in Contemporary Islamic Authority, eds. Hilary Kalmbach and Masooda Bano (Brill, forthcoming November 2011).

Islamic Family Law" in Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic Law, Jonathan Brown, Andrew March, Clark Lombardi, eds. (forthcoming 2012).

Jeff Lane
The Leveraging of Michael Jordan's Reputation. In Falling from Grace: Race, Sport, and the Reconstruction of Once-Cherished Reputations, edited by David C. Ogden and Joel Nathan Rosen (Jackson, Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi, 2010).

Carol Ann MacGregor
Secular and Liminal: Discovering Heterogeneity among Religious Nones (with Chaeyoon Lim and Robert D. Putnam), Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49 (2010): 596-618.

Alexandra Murphy
The Symbolic Dilemmas of Suburban Poverty: Challenges & Opportunities Posed by Variations in the Contours of Suburban Poverty. Sociological Forum (September 2010): 541-569.

Opportunities for Making Ends Meet & Upward Mobility: Differences in Organizational Deprivation Across Urban & Suburban Poor Neighborhoods (with Danielle Wallace) Social Science Quarterly, 91:5 (2010), 1164-1186.

Rourke O’Brien
Taxing the Poor: Doing Damage to the Truly Disadvantaged (with Katherine S. Newman). Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2011.

Carol MacGregor
Massengill, Rebekah. and Carol Ann MacGregor (2012) “The Changing Impact of Religious Nonaffiliation on Schooling: The Educational Trajectories of Three Types of Religious “Nones”. Research in the Sociology of Work

Alexandra Murphy
Murphy, Alexandra K. “Litterers:' How Objects of Physical Disorder are used to Construct Subjects of Social Disorder in a Poor Suburb” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. (forthcoming July 2012)

Jayanti Owens
Owens, Jayanti and Scott M. Lynch. “Black and Hispanic Immigrants’ Resilience against Negative-Ability Stereotypes at Selective Colleges and Universities in the United States.” (Forthcoming, Sociology of Education)

Owens, Jayanti and Douglas S. Massey. 2011. “Stereotype Threat and College Academic Performance: A Latent Variables Approach.” Social Science Research 40(2011): 150-166.

Foreign Students, Immigrants, Domestic Minorities and Admission to Texas’ Selective Flagship Universities Before and After the Ban on Affirmative Action. Peabody Journal of Education 85 (2010): 486-510.

David Pedulla
David S. Pedulla and Katherine S. Newman. 2011. “The Family and Community Impacts of Underemployment.” In Underemployment: Psychological, Economic, and Social Challenges, ed. Douglas C. Maynard and Daniel C. Feldman. New York: Springer.

The Impact of Underemployment on Families and Communities (with Katherine S. Newman). In Underemployment: Psychological, Economic, and Social Challenges, ed. Douglas C. Maynard and Daniel C. Feldman. New York: Springer, forthcoming.

Beyond The Poverty Line (with Rourke O’Brien), Stanford Social Innovation Review 8 (2010): 30-35.

Michelle Phelps
Pager, Devah and Michelle S. Phelps. 2012. “Inequality and Punishment: The End of Mass Incarceration?” in McLean, Alair and David Grusky (Eds), Living in a High Inequality Regime. New York: Russell Sage Press. Forthcoming.

Phelps, Michelle S. 2012. “The Place of Punishment: Variation in the Provision of Inmate Services Staff Across the Punitive Turn.” Journal of Criminal Justice. Forthcoming (exp. Nov. 2012).

Phelps, Michelle S. 2011. “Rehabilitation in the Punitive Era: The Gap between Rhetoric and Reality in U.S. Prison Programs.” Law & Society Review 45(1): 33-68.

LiErin Probasco
Divergent Streams: Race-Gender Achievement Gaps at Selective Colleges and Universities (with Douglas S. Massey). The DuBois Review: Social Science Research on Race 7 (2010): 219-46.

Victoria Reyes
Reyes, Victoria and Miguel Angel Centeno. 2011. “McDonalds, Wienerwald, and the Corner Deli” in Ramesh Subramanian and Eddan Katz (eds) The Global Flow of Information pp. 23-40. New York: New York University Press

Corner Delis, Wienerwald, and McDonalds: Models of Globalization (with Miguel Angel Centeno), in Eddan Katz, ed., The Global Flow of Information New York University Press, forthcoming.

Michael Schlossman
Less Treatment, Less Interest: Mexican-American Youth and the Los Angeles Juvenile Court in the Great Depression Era, Punishment and Society, forthcoming.

Allison Youatt Schnable
Schnable, Allison. In press. “Singing the Gospel: Using Musical Practices to Build Religious and Racial Communities.” Poetics 40:3.

Daniel Schneider
Schneider, Daniel. 2012. “Gender Deviance and Household Work: The Role of Occupation.” American Journal of Sociology. 117(4): 1029-1072.

Schneider, Daniel. 2011. “Wealth and the Marital Divide.” American Journal of Sociology. 117(2): 627-667.

Schneider, Daniel. 2011. “Market Earnings and Household Work: New Tests of Gender Performance Theory.” Journal of Marriage and Family 73(4): 845-860.

Lusardi, Annamaria, Daniel Schneider, and Peter Tufano. 2011. “Financially Fragile Households: Evidence and Implications.” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. (Spring: 83-134)

Hana Shepherd
The Cultural Context of Cognition: What the Implicit Association Test Tells Us About How Culture Works. Sociological Forum 26 (2011): 121-143.

Using Culture to Explain Behavior: An Integrated Approach (with Nicole Stephens). Social Psychology Quarterly 73 (2010): 353-354.

Brad Smith
Accounting by Faith: The Negotiated Logic of Elite Evangelicals’ Workplace Decision-making (with D. Michael Lindsay), Journal of the American Academy of Religion 78(2010): 721-749

Lori Smith
Institutions and National Development in Latin America: A Comparative Study (with Alejandro Portes). Socio-Economic Review (September 2010): 1-37

Liza Steele
Telles, Edward and Liza Steele. 2012. “Pigmentocracy in the Americas: How is Educational Attainment Related to Skin Color?” Americas Barometer Insights. 73:1-8.
(In Spanish as “Pigmentocracia en las Américas: ¿cómo se relaciona el logro educativo con el color de piel?” Perspectivas desde el Barómetro de las Américas.)

Steele, Liza. 2011. “‘A Gift from God’: Adolescent Motherhood and Religion in Brazilian Favelas.” Sociology of Religion. 72(1): 4-27.)

Charles Varner
Millionaire Migration and State Taxation of Top Incomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Cristobal Young),National Tax Journal 64 (June 2011): 255-284.

Erik Vickstrom
Diversity, Social Capital, and Cohesion (with Alejandro Portes). Annual Review of Sociology (2011), forthcoming.

Moving Ahead in Madrid: Aspirations and Expectations in the Spanish Second Generation (with Rosa Aparicio, William Haller, and Alejandro Portes). International Migration Review (2011), forthcoming.