Fifth Year

  • Samantha Jaroszewski

    A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and trained in the tradition of the sociology of religion, Sam is in the field conducting mixed methods research for her dissertation project. The dissertation focuses on communities, behaviors, and practices around the genre of games called Fantasy Sports. Using large-scale surveys, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic observations, she begins at the sociotechnical system of Fantasy Sports and examines the larger social, gendered, historical, and organizational stories that this case helps us understand.

  • Sharon Cornelissen

    Sharon Cornelissen received a Master in Sociology at the New School for Social Research and a Bachelor in Liberal Arts at University College Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her research interests include ethnography, urban sociology, social inequality, race and ethnicity, culture and sociological theory. For her dissertation, she is conducting ethnographic fieldwork in a poor depopulated black Detroit neighborhood. She is looking at the promises and challenges of “greening” initiatives as a way to fight blight, and revitalize poor neighborhoods.

  • Mélanie Terrasse

    Mélanie Terrasse is a 5th-year doctoral student in Princeton's sociology department. She also is a part of the Joint Degree program (JDP) in social policy. She originates from Bordeaux, France and received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Franklin and Marshall College in 2013. Her previous research has examined questions related to immigrant integration in France, as well as the intersection of US health care and immigration policy. Her current research interests include political and organizational sociology, poverty, inequality, and data & technology practices.


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