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Ronald Silvers, *70
Ph.D. Dissertation: Artists and Asociability: Studies in the Ideology of Alienation.
Maria Abascal, *16
Black-White Relations in the Wake of Hispanic Population Growth
Adriana Abdenur, *06
Assistant Professor of International Affairs
Aasha Abdill, *14
Papa May Have: An Intimate Examination of Fatherhood in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Alexander Adames
Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Christopher R.X. Adamson, *82
Ph.D. Dissertation: Hard Labor: The Form and Function of Imprisonment in Nineteenth-Century America.
Rina Agarwala, *06
Ph.D. Dissertation: From Work to Welfare: Informal Workers’ Organizations and the State in India
Sada Aksartova, *05
Ph.D. Dissertation: Civil Society from Abroad: U.S. Donors in the former Soviet Union
Eric Altman
Computing Support Specialist
Website Administrator
Office Phone
131 Wallace Hall
Antony W. Alumkal, *00
Assistant Professor – Iliff School of Theology
Sajeda Amin, *84 *88
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of Health Interventions on Socio-Economic Differentials in Infant and Child Mortality in Punjab, India
Barbara A. Anderson (Snow), *74 W*74
Ph.D. Dissertation: Internal Migration in a Modernizing Society: The Case of Late 19th Century European Russia
Sofya Aptekar, *10
Immigrant Naturalization and Nation Building in North America
Renelinda Arana, *08
Rebuilding Society Behind Prison Walls: Examining the Structure of Prisoner-Run Reform Organizations
Elizabeth M Armstrong
Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,
The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.
Office Phone
253 Wallace Hall
Carol J. Auster, *84
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nontraditional Occupational Choice: A Comparative Study of Women and Men in Engineering Job.
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2011
Nina Bandelj, *03
Assistant Professor – University of California
George W. Barclay, *51
Ph.D. Dissertation: Colonial Development and Population in Taiwan 1951
Debbie Becher, *09
City of Philadelphia's Use of Eminent Domain
Bernard Beck, *63
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Real World of the Little Men
Cary Beckwith, *20
Three Essays on Local Social Orders
Courtney J. Bender, *97
Associate Professor – Columbia University
Michael Benediktsson, *11
The Suburban Scripts: Built Environment and Socioeconomic Change in the American Suburbs
Neil G. Bennett, *81
Ph.D. Dissertation: Estimation Techniques Derived From Structural Relations in Destabilized Populations
Edward Berchick, *15
The Evolving Importance of Early-Life Health for the Reproduction of Educational Disadvantage Across Birth Cohorts
Yael Berda, *14
Colonial Legacy and Administrative Memory: The Legal Construction of Citizenship in India, Israel and Cyprus
Clark Bernier, *20
The Dynamics of Post-Bureaucracy: How Status Shapes Authority in Contemporary Organizations
Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, *06
Marital Assimilation Among U.S. Raised Asian Indians: Contours, Consequences, and Alternative Pathways
Ulrike Bialas, *21
Forever 17: The Contested Ages of Asylum Seekers in Germany
Jessamin Birdsall, *20
Racial Diversity in British Evangelicalism: Frames, Barriers, and Practices
Robert J. Birrell, *70
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Structure of Chinese Agriculture Communes 1960-66
Ann K. Blanc (Klimas), *85
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Effect of NonMarital Cohabitation on Family Formation and Dissolution: A Comparative Analysis of Sweden and Norway
Bart Bonikowski, *11
Dissertation: "Toward a Theory of Popular Nationalism: Shared Representations of the Nation-State in Modern Democracies."
Eduard R. Bos, *87
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Demographic Characteristics of Children of Divorce
Benjamin H. Bradlow
Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Associate Faculty, High Meadows Environmental Institute
Office Phone
328 Wallace Hall
Sarah Brayne, *15
Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data
Mary B. Breckenridge (Barber), *76
Ph.D. Dissertation: Time Series Model of Age-Specific Fertility: An Application of Exploratory Data Analysis
Victoria Chapman Bruno, *94
Ph.D. Dissertation: Working Hard or Hardly Working? An Examination of Children’s Household Contributions in the 1990s.
Bethany P. Bryson, *00
Ph.D. Dissertation: Conflict and Cohesion: Why the Canon Wars Did Not Destroy English Literature
Thomas K. Burch, *62
Ph.D. Dissertation: Internal Migration in Venezuela – A Methodological Study 1962
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Vallon L. Burris Jr., *76
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Child’s Conception of Economic Relations: A Genetic approach to the Sociology of Knowledge
Donnell Butler , *09
Franklin & Marshall College
Sharon Bzostek, *09
Mothers’ Union Formation Following a Non-Marital Birth