Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a masters degree to apply to your program?

No, a masters degree is not a prerequisite for our program.

Do I have to have an undergraduate degree in sociology to apply to your program?

No, a degree in sociology is not required to apply to our program, nor is any other formal training in sociology. Relevant training can occur in such fields as African American studies, computer science, economics, engineering, environmental studies, gender & sexuality studies, international relations, Latino studies, math, religion, political science, and statistics.

Do you offer a masters degree?

We do not offer a masters only program, just a Ph.D. program. But you can get an incidental masters while working toward your Ph.D.

If I am admitted to your program, how much will it cost?

All of our students are fully funded for our five-year program, provided they meet the requirements for reenrollment each year.

Can I submit test scores, recommendation letters, or transcripts after the application deadline?

Test scores and recommendation letters can be added to your application after the deadline, however, we do not recommend that. It is in your best interest to submit a complete application by the deadline because our admissions committee begins reading files shortly after the deadline. The Graduate School requires transcripts to be uploaded to the application before it can be submitted, except for fall semester transcripts, which can be added at any time via the checklist.

I have questions about my test scores (GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL), who do I contact?

You should contact the graduate school at
Departments do not handle the mechanics of the application.

My writing sample is slightly over 25 pages, is this okay?

We are flexible on the length of the writing sample, however, please keep in mind that our admissions committee has many files to read so the shorter your writing sample is, the more likely it is that it will be read in its entirety.

What should I use for my writing sample? Does it need to be sociology-related?

Your writing sample should be an example of your best work. It does not need to be sociology related, but we do suggest that it not be co-authored.

What are the minimum or average test scores or grades to be considered for admission to your program (or what are the average GPAs or test scores of your admitted students)?

We do not have any minimum test scores or GPAs and we do not publish the average test scores or GPAs of our admitted students. When considering who to admit to our program, we look at the whole application – including writing samples, personal statements, life experience and recommendations – not just test scores.

Do you accept transfer students?

A student who has been enrolled in a sociology graduate program elsewhere is welcome to apply, but course credit is not given for courses taken at other institutions before matriculation. All students, even those with masters degrees, must complete all required courses.

How many applications do you receive each year, and how many students do you admit?

The number of applications we receive and the number of offers we make varies from year to year, but our acceptance rate is generally under 6 percent.

I am interested in the Joint Degree Program, but I have some questions about it. Who do I contact?

You should contact Regina Foglia at for questions about the JDP program.

If I am admitted to the Sociology Graduate Program, can I work with faculty outside of the Sociology Department?

Princeton University is a vibrant intellectual community, and the Sociology Department advocates interdepartmental learning experiences. For example, students are encouraged to take courses outside the department, as well as inside the department, and dissertation committees often include faculty from other departments.

Are my research interests a good fit for the department?

Please see the Faculty page of our department website. You can click on the name of a faculty member to find more information about their work and interests. There is also a Graduate Students page where you can learn about the research interests of our students.

Does Princeton University have the resources to support a diverse student body?

Absolutely. Princeton University is an inclusive community that aims to support students of every nationality, religion, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, political viewpoint, socioeconomic status, and veteran status. Please see this page to learn more about the various resources that the university provides:

If I am admitted to the Sociology Graduate Program, will I be required to teach?

Yes, sociology graduate students are required to serve as AIs (Assistants in Instruction) on several occasions (most recently six hours while in residence, ordinarily in their second and third years). The university provides training for graduate students prior to their first term as an AI.

As I near completion of my Ph.D., will I receive any assistance in finding employment?

Yes, the Sociology Department supports students on the job market in several ways. You can see our “On the Job Market” web page here: The Graduate School also supports the professional development of students with many resources and events. You can learn about those here: