Ronald Silvers, *70
Ph.D. Dissertation: Artists and Asociability: Studies in the Ideology of Alienation.
Maria Abascal, *16
Black-White Relations in the Wake of Hispanic Population Growth
Adriana Abdenur, *06
Assistant Professor of International Affairs
Aasha Abdill, *14
Papa May Have: An Intimate Examination of Fatherhood in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Christopher R.X. Adamson, *82
Ph.D. Dissertation: Hard Labor: The Form and Function of Imprisonment in Nineteenth-Century America.
Rina Agarwala, *06
Ph.D. Dissertation: From Work to Welfare: Informal Workers’ Organizations and the State in India
Sada Aksartova, *05
Ph.D. Dissertation: Civil Society from Abroad: U.S. Donors in the former Soviet Union
Eric Altman
Computing Support Specialist
Website Administrator
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Antony W. Alumkal, *00
Assistant Professor – Iliff School of Theology
Sajeda Amin, *84 *88
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of Health Interventions on Socio-Economic Differentials in Infant and Child Mortality in Punjab, India
Barbara A. Anderson (Snow), *74 W*74
Ph.D. Dissertation: Internal Migration in a Modernizing Society: The Case of Late 19th Century European Russia
Sofya Aptekar, *10
Immigrant Naturalization and Nation Building in North America
Renelinda Arana, *08
Rebuilding Society Behind Prison Walls: Examining the Structure of Prisoner-Run Reform Organizations
Elizabeth M Armstrong
Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,
The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.
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Carol J. Auster, *84
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nontraditional Occupational Choice: A Comparative Study of Women and Men in Engineering Job.
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2011
Nina Bandelj, *03
Assistant Professor – University of California
George W. Barclay, *51
Ph.D. Dissertation: Colonial Development and Population in Taiwan 1951
Debbie Becher, *09
City of Philadelphia's Use of Eminent Domain
Bernard Beck, *63
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Real World of the Little Men
Cary Beckwith, *20
Three Essays on Local Social Orders
Courtney J. Bender, *97
Associate Professor – Columbia University
Michael Benediktsson, *11
The Suburban Scripts: Built Environment and Socioeconomic Change in the American Suburbs
Neil G. Bennett, *81
Ph.D. Dissertation: Estimation Techniques Derived From Structural Relations in Destabilized Populations
Yan Bennett
Center Manager
Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China
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Edward Berchick, *15
The Evolving Importance of Early-Life Health for the Reproduction of Educational Disadvantage Across Birth Cohorts
Yael Berda, *14
Colonial Legacy and Administrative Memory: The Legal Construction of Citizenship in India, Israel and Cyprus
Clark Bernier, *20
The Dynamics of Post-Bureaucracy: How Status Shapes Authority in Contemporary Organizations
Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, *06
Marital Assimilation Among U.S. Raised Asian Indians: Contours, Consequences, and Alternative Pathways
Ulrike Bialas, *21
Forever 17: The Contested Ages of Asylum Seekers in Germany
Jessamin Birdsall, *20
Racial Diversity in British Evangelicalism: Frames, Barriers, and Practices
Robert J. Birrell, *70
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Structure of Chinese Agriculture Communes 1960-66
Ann K. Blanc (Klimas), *85
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Effect of NonMarital Cohabitation on Family Formation and Dissolution: A Comparative Analysis of Sweden and Norway
Bart Bonikowski, *11
Dissertation: "Toward a Theory of Popular Nationalism: Shared Representations of the Nation-State in Modern Democracies."
Eduard R. Bos, *87
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Demographic Characteristics of Children of Divorce
Benjamin Bradlow
Associate Research Scholar
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Sarah Brayne, *15
Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data
Mary B. Breckenridge (Barber), *76
Ph.D. Dissertation: Time Series Model of Age-Specific Fertility: An Application of Exploratory Data Analysis
Victoria Chapman Bruno, *94
Ph.D. Dissertation: Working Hard or Hardly Working? An Examination of Children’s Household Contributions in the 1990s.
Bethany P. Bryson, *00
Ph.D. Dissertation: Conflict and Cohesion: Why the Canon Wars Did Not Destroy English Literature
Thomas K. Burch, *62
Ph.D. Dissertation: Internal Migration in Venezuela – A Methodological Study 1962
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Vallon L. Burris Jr., *76
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Child’s Conception of Economic Relations: A Genetic approach to the Sociology of Knowledge
Donnell Butler , *09
Franklin & Marshall College
Sharon Bzostek, *09
Mothers’ Union Formation Following a Non-Marital Birth
Gwendolyn A. Cadge, *02
Ph.D. Dissertation: Seeking the Heart: The First Generation Practices Theravada Buddhism in America
Craig Calhoun
Stanley Kelley, Jr., Visiting Professor For Distinguished Teaching of Sociology