Adam Goldstein

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,
The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.
Office Phone
114 Wallace Hall

Adam Goldstein is an Assistant Professor jointly appointed in the Department of Sociology and The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. He currently holds the Ralph O. Glendinning University Preceptorship. Prior to coming to Princeton he earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley and was a Robert Wood Johnson Post-Doctoral Scholar in Health Policy Research at Harvard. His areas of interest include economic sociology, organizations, and social stratification. His current research examines the social consequences of financial capitalism for institutions, households, organizations, and inequality in the United States.

Selected Publications

Goldstein, Adam and Carly Knight. Forthcoming. “Boom, Bust, Repeat: Market Repertoires and Cycles of Speculation.” American Journal of Sociology. [Conditionally accepted pending minor revisions]

Schneiberg, Marc, Adam Goldstein and Matt Kraatz. Forthcoming. “Embracing Market Liberalism? Community Embeddedness, Associationalism and Mutual Conversions to Stock Company Form.” American Sociological Review. 

Goldstein, Adam and James F. Wharam. 2022. “Choose the Plan That’s Right for You: Devolved Choice as Class-Biased Institutional Change in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance.”  Sociological Science.

Goldstein, Adam and Tod Hamilton. 2022. “Dog Whistles and Work Hours: The Political Activation of Labor Market Discrimination” Sociological Science.

Fligstein, Neil and Adam Goldstein. 2022. “The Legacy of Shareholder Value Capitalism.” Annual Review of Sociology 48.

Goldstein, Adam and Charlie Eaton. 2021. “Asymmetry by Design: Identity Obfuscation, Reputational Pressure, and Consumer Predation in U.S. For-Profit Higher Education.” American Sociological Review 86(5).

Liu, Larry and Adam Goldstein. 2021. “Labor Shareholders and Worker Power: Do Pension Funds Benefit Labor Interests?” Social Forces.

Vertesi, Janet A., Adam Goldstein, Diana Enriquez, Larry Liu, and Katherine T. Miller. 2021. “Pre-Automation: Insourcing and Automating the Gig Economy.” Sociologica 14(3): 167-93.

Goldstein, Adam and Ziyao Tian. 2020 “Financialization and Income Generation in the 21st Century: Rise of the Petit Rentier Class?” Socio-Economic Review.

Enriquez, Diana and Adam Goldstein. 2020. “COVID-19’s Socioeconomic Impact on Low-Income Benefit Recipients: Early Evidence from Tracking Surveys. Socius.

Goldstein, Adam and Orestes Hastings. 2019 “Buying In: Positional Competition, Schools, and Housing Consumption.” Sociological Science 6:416-45.

Goldstein, Adam. 2018. The Social Ecology of Speculation: Community Organization and Non-occupancy Investment in the US Housing Bubble. American Sociological Review 83(6): 1108-1143.