Angela Li


Angela is a doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy with a focus on spatial inequality and urban policy. She holds a BA in Economics and Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago. Prior to her degree, she worked at a transit startup and conducted research at the Center for Spatial Data Science, focusing on mobility, housing, and public health. Her thesis work focused on the impact of demolition policy on neighborhoods within Detroit, MI in context of the Great Recession. She has also worked on nationwide spatial accessibility metrics looking at treatment for opioid use disorder. She is interested in policy-relevant research and topics of stratification, mobility, and computational social science. She is affiliated with the Office of Population Research.

Along with her research, Angela has taught for the Freshman Scholars Institute and participates in Princeton's ReMatch+ research mentorship program. She is completing the Teaching Transcript through the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

Please feel free to schedule a chat with Angela at if you have questions about applying to grad school or about her research.

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