Beza Taddess


Beza Taddess is a doctoral student in Sociology at Princeton. Her graduate work thus far has focused on the topics: (1) the stress-related consequences for Black and white women in multiply-segregated occupations; (2) the contributions of socioeconomic and genetic risks to cardiometabolic health at mid-life. The coursework she completed en route to her MA was concentrated in demography, health disparities, and quantitative methods. 

Before joining the graduate program at Princeton, Beza led the communications team at the Colorado Children's Campaign in Denver, Colorado. Her work entails writing policy concept papers, editing draft legislation, and leading the organization's communications strategies. In collaboration with her team, noteworthy achievements in this role included passing Proposition EE, a ballot measure that will provide $2 billion over ten years to a universal preschool program, and the launch of The West Steps podcast, which has amassed over 10,000 listeners since 2019. 

She joined the Children's Campaign as part of the Public Interest Fellowship Program in 2015 after graduating with a degree in Sociology from Colorado College. She received her Master's from the University of Colorado Denver in May 2021.


Research Interest: 
•    Social Demography
•    Physical and Mental Health
•    Racial and Ethnic Stratification
•    Medical Sociology

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