Cary Beckwith, *20

Three Essays on Local Social Orders

I am a PhD candidate in the sociology department at Princeton University. My
dissertation is an ethnographic study of the migrant workforce that enabled
the shale oil boom in western North Dakota. More generally, my interests
include culture, social interactions, economic life, morality, social theory,
and ethnographic methods. More information on my research and teaching is
available at


Princeton University
    Ph.D. in Sociology expected 2019.
    M.A. in Sociology, 2014.

Amherst College
    B.A. in Philosophy, 2001.

Selected Publications

Beckwith, Cary. 2019. “Who Belongs? How Status Influences the
Experience of Gemeinschaft.” Social Psychology Quarterly. 82(1):31-50. [1]

Beckwith, Cary. 2016. "Of Mosques and Men." The New Republic, January 31. [2]


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