Cheng Cheng

Seventh Year Graduate Student
Email Address:

Ph.D. Princeton University
Sociology (Expected May 2018)
B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sociology, Concentration in Analysis and Research, Comprehensive Honors (May 2012)

Areas of Interest / Specialization: 
Gender, Aging, Family, Health, Social Demography, Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title: 
Women’s Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China

Dissertation Committee: 
Yu Xie (Chair), Noreen Goldman, Sara McLanahan, Margaret Frye

Dissertation Abstract: 

Two sociodemographic trends in contemporary China, rapid population aging and growing gender equality, motivate this dissertation. What are the implications of increasing gender equality for elderly care and of aging societies for marital power inequality? This dissertation focuses on the association between women’s education and intergenerational coresidence, a prevalent form of old age support in China. Existing research on intergenerational coresidence rarely examines how women’s characteristics predict coresidence. Meanwhile, prior work rarely considers gender inequality in the context of multigenerational households. This dissertation brings together the literature on aging and gender studies to address these gaps. Using data from the China Family Panel Studies, it examines how the association between women's education and intergenerational coresidence may depend on the needs of both generations and how intergenerational coresidence may undermine the effects of women’s education on their household decision-making power. These analyses contribute to our understanding of the gender and intergenerational dynamics in contemporary China.

Grants and awards: 

2017 Population Associations of America (PAA) 2017 Annual Meeting Poster Award
2017 Dissertation Writing Fellowship, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS), Princeton University
2017 Dissertation Completion Fellowship, East Asian Studies Program, Princeton University
2017 David Elliston Guyer and Walter R.F. Guyder Endowment Fund, Princeton University
2016 Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel, Princeton University
2013 Janet L. Holmgren Graduate Fellowship, Princeton University
2012 Wisconsin Hilldale Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2012 Alfred Reschke Social Science Scholarship
2010 E. Walter Terrie Applied Demography Paper Award

Teaching Experience: 

Fall 2014, Preceptor, Sociological Research Methods (Instructed by Matt Lawrence)
Spring 2015, Preceptor, Graduate-Level Demographic Research Methods (Instructed by Tod Hamilton)
Fall 2015, Preceptor, Sociological Research Methods (Instructed by Margaret Frye)

Publications List: 


Cheng, Cheng. “Anticipated support from children and later-life health in the United States and China”. Social Science & Medicine 179 (2017): , 179, 201-209. 

Dawney, Brittney, Cheng Cheng, Richelle Winkler, and Joshua Pearce. “Evaluating the geographic viability of the solar water disinfection (SODIS) method by decreasing turbidity with NaCl: A case study of South Sudan”. Applied Clay Science 99 (2014): , 99, 194-200. 

Winkler, Richelle, Cheng Cheng, and Shaun Golding. “Boom or Bust? Population Dynamics in Natural Resource-Dependent Counties”. International Handbook of Rural Demography. Springer Netherlands, 2012.