Craig Calhoun

Stanley Kelley, Jr., Visiting Professor For Distinguished Teaching of Sociology

Craig Calhoun is University Professor of Social Sciences at Arizona State University and Stanley Kelley Jr. Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching of Sociology at Princeton. He was previously President and Director of the London School of Economics, President of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), President of the Berggruen Institute, and variously a professor, dean, department chair, and institute director at UNC-Chapel Hill, Columbia, and NYU. Calhounā€™s newest book is Degenerations of Democracy (Harvard 2022, co-authored with Dilip Gaonkar and Charles Taylor). His earlier books have included The Question of Class Struggle; Neither Gods nor Emperors: Students and the Struggle for Democracy in China; Critical Social Theory: Culture, History, and the Challenge of Difference; Nations Matter: Citizenship, Solidarity and the Cosmopolitan Dream; and The Roots of Radicalism. He is the author of numerous articles on technology and social change, community, humanitarian emergencies, and universities. He edited the ASA Centennial history of Sociology in America and he joined with Immanuel Wallerstein, Randall Collins, Michael Mann and Georgi Derlugian to publish Does Capitalism Have a Future? More information may be found at