Daniela R. Urbina, *21

When the Tables Turn: Marriage and Gender Inequality in Latin America

I am a PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton University, a Woodrow Wilson Scholar, and an affiliate of the Office of Population Research. I study family demography, gender inequality, education, and quantitative methods.

My dissertation explores the demographic and cultural implications of the rise of women's educational and economic position in the U.S and Latin America, particularly for marriage formation and within-household inequalities. To this end, I combine both demographic and causal inference methods, including original data collected via survey experiments.

My work has been published in Population Research and Policy Review and Sociological Methods and Research, among other outlets, and has received awards from the Family and Methodology sections of the American Sociological Association. I have an M.A in Applied Quantitative Research from NYU and a B.A in Sociology from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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