Denia Garcia, *17

Integration Beyond Numbers: Getting Along and Working Together in a Multiethnic Neighborhood

Denia Garcia is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society and the Department of Sociology at Indiana University. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Princeton University in 2017. 

Her research interests include race/ethnicity, urban sociology, political sociology, and organizations. She is currently working on a book manuscript, Integration Beyond Numbers: Getting Along and Working Together in a Multiethnic Neighborhood, which is based on a three-year ethnography of a multiethnic neighborhood in Chicago. It addresses ongoing debates about the consequences of ethnic/racial diversity for social relations and civic participation. She has also examined how social cues influence the perception of race and skin color, racial attitudes, and social capital among urban families using survey and experimental data. 

Her work has been supported by the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications 

2016. Garcia, Denia and Maria Abascal. “Colored Perceptions: Racially Distinctive Names and Assessments of Skin Color.” American Behavioral Scientist 60(4) 420-441.

2013Edward, E. Telles, and Denia Garcia. “Mestizajeand Public Opinion in Latin America.” Latin American Research Review 48(3): 130-152.

Manuscripts in Progress

Garcia, Denia. “Street-Level Mobilization and Cultural Competence.”

Garcia, Denia. “Social Capital in Context: Low-Income Women’s Use of Public Benefits.”

Garcia, Denia. “Contesting the Boundaries: Inconsistencies Between Self and Interviewer Ethnic-Racial Classification in Latin America.”

Goldani, Ana Maria and Denia Garcia. “Same-Sex Marriage, Social Change and Public Opinion in Latin America.”

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