Gozde Guran, *20

Brokers of Order: How Money Moves in Wartime Syria

Gozde Guran studies the collective organization of economic exchange and patterns of decision-making in diverse market settings. Her research draws from the fields of economic sociology, migration, and political sociology, and integrates ethnographic, experimental, and statistical methods of inquiry. Her dissertation, "Brokering Order: Economic Lives in War and Exile," examines hawala ("transfer" in Arabic), an informal money transfer practice, in the context of Syria's civil war and refugee crisis. Based an eighteen months of ethnographic research in Lebanon and Turkey, she studies how economic exchange may persist during protracted civil wars and episodes of forced migration, and considers the broader effects of these economic activities on social and political order. This project has been supported by the National Science Foundation, and was recognized with a university-wide Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Honorific Fellowship. More information on her dissertation research and other projects can be found on her website: www.gozdeguran.com


Gozde holds an MA in Near Eastern Studies from New York University and a BA in Political Science from Bogazici University, Istanbul.

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