Julian B. Dierkes *03

Assistant Professor and Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research, Institute of Asian Research, Univ of British Columbia

Institute of Asian Research
Univ of British Columbia
1855 West Mall
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2
Phone: (+1-604) 822-6237
Web page URL: http://www.sociolog.com/jdierkes/(link is external)
Job: Assistant Professor and Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research, Institute of Asian Research, Univ of British Columbia. I teach in a Master of Asia Pacific Policy Studies program. My research is largely focused on Japanese education. I am continuing work on history education (comparatively with East and West Germany) and have begun new projects on legal education and on "cram schools". In a project with Yves Tiberghien (PoliSci, UBC) I'm examining the increasing concordance in foreign policy decisions between Canada, the EU, and Japan. In addition, I'm continuing work with Frank Dobbin on changes in U.S. corporations' organizational structure. Finally, I'm dreaming of new research on Mongolia's education system (higher and secondary), and on the impact of environmental regulations on producers' attitudes toward common goods in the fishery industries in Alaska, British Columbia and Hokkaido as well as in the grasslands of Mongolia and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China. I continue to maintain The SocioLog ( HYPERLINK "http://www.sociolog.com/"(link is external)http://www.sociolog.com/(link is external)) Recent accomplishments: Publications with Dirk Zorn (PhD 2004) "Soziologischer Neo-Institutionalismus" [Sociological Neo-Institutionalism] in D. Kaesler (ed.) Aktuelle Theorien der Soziologie [Current Theories in Sociology]. Munich: CH Beck, 2005: 313-31. "Heritage, Wende and National Identity: Portrayals of the Nation in German and Japanese History Education of the 1980s" in E. Matthes and C. Heinze (eds.) Das Schulbuch zwischen Lehrplan und Unterrichtspraxis - Beiträge zur historischen und systematischen Schulbuchforschung [Textbooks Between Curriculum and Teaching Praxis - Contributions to Historical and International Textbook Research]. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt Forschung, 2005: 247-63. "The Stability of Postwar Japanese History Education Amid Global Changes" in E. Vickers and A. Jones (eds.) History Education and National Identity in East Asia. London: Routledge, 2005: 255-74. Editorials with Yves Tiberghien "Shall We Dance?". The Globe and Mail. January 18, 2005: A17. "Revising History". The Globe and Mail. May 13, 2005: On-Line. Personal news: On Sept 23, Ingmarie Rosa Elisabeth joined big brother Tillman and big sister Emma Ph.D. Dissertation: Teaching Portrayals of the Nation: Postwar History Education in Japan and the Germanys