Leah L. Gillion

Fifth Year Graduate Student
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Leah L. Gillion is a PhD candidate at Princeton University in the department of sociology and demography. Her research interests focus on race and ethnicity, social inequality, education, and public policy. Leah’s current project, "Untapped Potential” examines the role of race and gender on the achievement gap and the mechanisms at the institutional level that reproduce inequality and the potential lingering effects in adulthood. This project takes advantage of large longitudinal data sets and original survey data. She is also involved in a project on the social determinants of grit and reconceptualizing the mechanisms through which grit impacts academic outcomes. This work demonstrates how family inputs influence children’s self-reported grit and grit does not promote high achievement, but rather protects children from deleterious outcomes. Prior to beginning her PhD program, Leah earned a B.S. from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University and an M.A. from the University of Rochester. She also taught high school math in urban districts in New York and Pennsylvania for seven years.