Miguel Centeno

Musgrave Professor of Sociology
Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
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116 Wallace Hall

Miguel A. Centeno is the Musgrave Professor of Sociology and Professor of Sociology and International Affairs in the WWS. He was the founding Director of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (2003-2007) and Master of Wilson College (1997-2004). In 2000, he founded the Princeton University Preparatory Program. He is interested in political sociology and social change.  He has published many books and articles most recently State and Nation Making in Latin America and Spain (CUP 2013) and the “Arc of Neo-liberalism” (Annual Review of Sociology 2012).  Forthcoming  books include War and Society and Building States in the Developing World. New projects include an analysis of “emergent risk” in global flows and a history of the concept of discipline.

Can Classic Liberalism Survive Globalization?

I am interested in how states work.  Most of my work has been on Latin American cases, and the latest project is on the development of these during the 19th Century.  I am also part of a project comparing the contemporary state capacity of developing countries with special focus on South Africa, India, and Brazil.  Globalization remains an interest and I am writing a history of the “rise and fall” of neoliberalism.  I am also working on a book analyzing the links between war and social order.  The next major project will be a comparative analysis of the legacies of land tenure patterns in the Americas (including the U.S.)