Parijat Chakrabarti, *23

Great Transformations in the Age of Platforms: Knowledge, Interaction, and Community on the Digital Frontier

My research interests lie at the intersection of economic sociology and anthropology, science and technology studies, and human-environment interaction. 
I am currently based in Nairobi’s “Silicon Savannah,” where, for my dissertation research, I examine the ongoing reorganization of economic exchange at the global digital frontier and consider the social and cultural implications of such change. In analyzing how technologists work to migrate social interaction and exchange in Nairobi’s frenetic produce markets onto digital platforms and how market communities respond to these efforts, I show how local practices of valuation and exchange, gendered market relations, and the character of market communities are molded in encounter with the global, and increasingly digital, economy.
My previous research has explored the cultural dimension of the rise of farmers’ markets in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as conformity or deviance from group norms around belief in climate change. I have also published on mixed methods research using automated text analysis and, over multiple research projects, have helped collect and analyze data on pathways to job markets for university students in Uganda and Switzerland. 

Before coming to Princeton, I lived and worked for some time in Switzerland and Argentina. I have a B.A. in both Sociology and Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. 

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