Robert I. Rhodes, *72

Ph.D., 1972

After leaving academia about 31 years ago I rejoined the family business in Suffern, N.Y. So I have been the director of Deerkill Day Camp for a long time.

I was one of the founders of the village of Wesley Hills village in Rockland County, New York about 25 years ago and was a trustee on the board for 22 years. As a political sociologist I have learned a great deal about government and politics.

I am currently chairman of Preserve Ramapo which ran against the Democratic machine. We were opposed by the Democratic Party, Independent, and Working Families Parties. The Republican Party did not run candidates. It was easily the most expensive local election campaign in the history of this town (they spent the money, we didn't have it to spend). In the last Ramapo town election we received about 40% of the total vote which could be taken as either a crushing defeat, or a remarkable first effort in a town of about 130,000.

Ethnic politics are fascinating in Ramapo (which contains Monsey), and a very disturbing harbinger of things to come in downstate New York.

We have a truly outstanding website at is external) for those who may be interested.

Robert I. Rhodes, Ph.D., 1972

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