Graduate Student

  • Wamaitha Kiambuthi

     Wamaitha Kiambuthi- Wamaitha is a Ph.D. student in sociology and social policy. Prior to beginning doctoral studies at Princeton in 2018, she worked as a senior statistical programmer and analyst at Mathematica Policy Research, contributing to health, juvenile justice, and family support research. Her interests include juvenile justice, education, community development, race and inequality. Wamaitha holds a B.A. in Comparative Human Development from the University of Chicago, and a M.S. in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Lauren Clingan

    Lauren Clingan is a first-year doctoral student in Sociology at Princeton. She graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi in 2017 with a degree in Social Research and Public Policy and a minor in Economics. For her senior thesis, she studied how Emirati men negotiate their gendered selves in connection with state policy and discourse supporting women’s employment. Her research interests include gender, work, and qualitative methods. She is especially interested in understanding how gender norms are reimagined as individuals engage with shifting institutional and discursive realms.

  • Lai Wei

    Before coming to Princeton, Lai graduated from Tsinghua University in 2018 with a B.A. in sociology. In his thesis, he examined the effect of warfare on political stability using Chinese historical data. His current research interests include political sociology, social statistics, quantitative history and China studies. He has an ongoing research project on the measurement of subjective social location.

  • Shelby O'Neill

    Shelby O'Neill graduated from Colby College in 2015 with a degree in
    government. His senior honors thesis examined the ways in which socioeconomic
    inequality shaped political involvement in a small town in Maine. While in
    Maine, he developed a deep interest in farming and has spent most of the past
    three years doing pick, warehouse, and tractor work with crews of migrant
    farmworkers in California and Minnesota. He hopes to ethnographically explore
    the experiences of farmers and farmworkers in the US and how those

  • Olivia Mann

    Olivia Mann is a first year Ph.D. student in the Princeton Sociology department. She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.S. in Sociology and Criminal Justice in 2018. Her honors thesis explored the ways in which members of the LGBTQIAP+ community, with a focus on bisexual people, assign blame in cases of sexual assault. Her research interests are varied, and currently include statistical methods, bisexual communities, crime and deviance, and the sociology of war.

  • Devin Q. Rutan

    Devin Q. Rutan is a first-year Ph.D. student in Princeton’s Sociology Department and is affiliated with the Office of Population Research. He is interested in the re-production of spatial inequality and the persistence of residential segregation. In 2016, he received a Bachelor of Philosophy in Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. His thesis explored the lingering effects of historic neighborhood appraisal in structuring contemporary stratification in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Cary Beckwith

    I am a PhD candidate in the sociology department at Princeton University. My
    dissertation is an ethnographic study of the migrant workforce that enabled
    the shale oil boom in western North Dakota. More generally, my interests
    include culture, social interactions, economic life, morality, social theory,
    and ethnographic methods. More information on my research and teaching is
    available at


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