Graduate Student

Parijat Chakrabarti

Parijat is broadly interested in questions around culture, governance, markets, and the organization of collective behavior. He is currently interested in forward-looking developments in techniques and technologies of governance. His previous research used the case of belief in climate change to explore cultural authority and deviance from group norms. Parijat is also working on a project examining elite university graduates’ transition to the labor market in Uganda and has published on mixed methods research using automated text analysis. 

Colleen Campbell

Colleen Campbell is a PhD candidate in Sociology and African American studies at Princeton University. Her work lies at the intersection of sociology of law, medicine and bioethics. She employs intersectionality, critical race theory and critical constructivist lenses to study the ways in which law and medicine institute and reinforce systems of hierarchy and domination in the medical context. Her current projects examine stratified reproduction and reproductive justice, disparities in obstetric and gynecological procedures, and informed consent in reproductive care.

Vance Puchalski

Vance Alan Puchalski’s research focuses on resource exchange networks through which unbanked and credit invisible members of the urban poor meet their financial services needs. His most recent peer reviewed publication, “Credit at the Corner Store,” analyzes the role of Detroit-area convenience and liquor stores in providing financial services such as check cashing, informal store credit, and short-term loans to impoverished customers.

Ferdose Y. Idris

Ferdose Idris graduated cum laude in Sociology from the University of Washington in 2016 where she was awarded the Woolston Award for Academic Excellence. Her research has included explorations of how law affects socioeconomic status and racial minorities. For her senior thesis she examined the differences between red states and blue states on childhood wellbeing indicators for both blacks and whites. She is interested in studying race and segregation, education, and inequality with a focus on identity formation, bias, and social mobility.


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