Graduate Student

  • John Maldonado

    John Maldonado is a Southern California native and graduate of UC Riverside, where he majored in sociology. His research interests include online communities, digital media, and social movements. He is an affiliate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, as well as the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life at the University of North Carolina.

  • Jeremy Cohen

    Jeremy Cohen is a PhD candidate in the sociology department at Princeton University. His research focuses on U.S. families' financial lives, with a focus on their interactions with credit and debt markets and the consequences for social inequality. He is particularly interested in how different families can make similar debt choices and realize different outcomes.

  • Parijat Chakrabarti

    My research interests lie at the intersection of economic sociology and anthropology, science and technology studies, and human-environment interaction. 

  • Vance Puchalski

    Vance Alan Puchalski’s research focuses on resource exchange networks through which unbanked and credit invisible members of the urban poor meet their financial services needs. His most recent peer reviewed publication, “Credit at the Corner Store,” analyzes the role of Detroit-area convenience and liquor stores in providing financial services such as check cashing, informal store credit, and short-term loans to impoverished customers.

  • Liam-Ching "Larry" Liu

    Larry is a PhD student in sociology. His interests are in political, economic and labor sociology. What are the causes and consequences of automation of work? Present and past projects deal with the link between unions, trade shocks and robotization; the link between low-skilled migrant labor and robotization; the link between robotization and job training; the link between labor shareholder strength (pension funds) and worker outcomes; the work experiences of online gig workers; and activism around universal basic income.

  • Ferdose Y. Idris

    Ferdose Idris graduated cum laude in Sociology from the University of Washington in 2016 where she was awarded the Woolston Award for Academic Excellence. Her research has included explorations of how law affects socioeconomic status and racial minorities. For her senior thesis she examined the differences between red states and blue states on childhood wellbeing indicators for both blacks and whites. She is interested in studying race and segregation, education, and inequality with a focus on identity formation, bias, and social mobility.


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