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Undergraduate Program

Miguel A. Centeno

A Message from Professor Mitchell Duneier, Departmental Representative
Sociology at Princeton offers a cutting edge undergraduate concentration for people interested in the social dimensions of politics, economics, history, psychology, and demography. Our graduates are admitted to the leading medical, law and business schools. They take a variety of jobs from Wall Street to social activism. Our faculty do research and teaching on important topics of concern in the “real world” from social networks, immigration, and inequality to globalization, politics, and economic sociology. But the best way to learn about what we do is from our students themselves in the videos below.

Before deciding on the concentration, we recommend that you take a Soc course or a freshman seminar taught by one of our faculty. If you have come to the decision late without a background in our department, please talk to me in advance.

Sociology concentrators talk about their senior theses and the department (Video)