Certificate in African American Studies

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Many Sociology concentrators choose to join their degree in Soc with a certificate in African American Studies, and the Sociology Department works closely with the Department of African American Studies to facilitate the combination. Beginning in the fall of 2010 the simplest route is to take three Sociology courses that are cross listed with AAS. You would then only need to take two additional courses, AAS 201 and one course in either the AAS Race and Public Policy track or the Global Race and Ethnicity track, to graduate with a certificate in African American Studies.  One of these two additional courses would usually be counted as a cognate in Sociology with the approval of the departmental representative, and students may apply to have a second cognate approved if it is taught by a soc faculty member or the course content is mainly written by sociologists.

At present, active cross-listed courses include: 

AAS 221 (see SOC 221/GSS 221) Inequality: Class, Race and Gender
AAS 315 (see SOC 315/LAS 316) Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Latin America
AAS 317 (see WWS 331/SOC 312) Race and Public Policy


In addition, there are a number of Sociology courses that would count as cognates for the certificate:

SOC 201 American Society and Politics
SOC 210 (also LAS 210/URB 210/LAO 210) Urban Sociology: The City and Social Change in the Americas
SOC 216 The Ghetto
SOC 227 (also URB 227) Race and Ethnicity
SOC 345 Money, Work, and Social Life
SOC 354 (also AFS 354) Contemporary Issues in African Societies
SOC 359 Higher Education and Society
SOC 361 (also GSS 361) Culture, Power, and Inequality