How is senior advising done?

At the start of Fall term of the senior year, the Departmental Representative meets with the senior class and asks that they indicate their preferences (1st through 3rd) for an advisor. The Dep Rep makes an initial recommendation for a good match, but students are free to pursue other leads.

Do I need to do IRB before starting my research?

It may well be that the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects will determine that your study poses minimal risk or no risk at all. It is not your decision, however, to make as a student. If you are not using a public use data set, you will need to ensure that the people you research are able to give informed consent and that your research practices meet established ethical standards.

Does the Department provide financial support for student research?

The Department has funding to support senior theses with a more limited amount for junior theses. The awards usually range from $250 to $500 and are made to complement awards from other providers in the SAFE grant application system. For more on how to use SAFE to apply for research grants, click here.