Prizes in the Department of Sociology Announced at Class Day

Isidore Brown Academic Achievement Award:

Given to the student who receives the highest SOC GPA in the highest honors category. $1,500 award.

Past Winners: Gianni E. Pacheco (2023), You Jin Song (2014), Allison Kruk (2015), Charlotte Sall (2016), Arieh Mimran (2017), Gabrielle Agus (2018).

Isidore Brown Thesis Prize:

Given to the senior with the best sociology senior thesis. $1,500 award.

Past Winner: Angelica Yu Qin (2023), You Jin Song (2014), Nicholas Pang (2015), Taimur Ahmad (2016), Molly Strabley (2017), Gabrielle Agus (2018).

Lisa N. Bryant Award:

Given to the student who not only demonstrates an impressive intellectual spark in her sociological endeavors, but also is involved in service activities on and off campus. $300 award and a book.

Past Winners: Nicole Williams (2023), Estela Diaz (2014), Christina Chica (2015), Kevin Lopez (2016), Briana Payton (2017), Rebecca Kahn (2018).

Poster Prize:

Given to the best poster related to the student’s senior thesis.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award:

Given to the best faculty advisor in the department. Decided on by junior and senior majors. Name put on plaque. Students are given a budget so as to give an item of their choice to the recipient.

Center for Migration and Development Senior Thesis Prize:

Given to the best senior thesis on the topic of migration and development.

Marvin Bressler Graduate Student Teaching Award:

Given to the outstanding graduate student preceptor and/or informal graduate student adviser. $500 award.