Are there prerequisites?

No. Of course, we suggest that you get a taste of the major by taking a course offered by one of our faculty members.

How many courses can I double count towards a different certificate?
The department doesn’t have any rules about this. This depends on the program in which the student is getting a certificate. Some certificates will only allow a certain number of courses in the student’s major to count towards the certificate. The student should speak with the program in which they are interested in order to find what are their rules.
Can I take the required statistics course in a different department?

Yes. One of the following courses can count in place of POL 345/SOC 305, Introduction to Quantitative Social Science: ORF 245/EGR 245, Fundamentals of Statistics PSY 251, Quantitative Methods WWS 200, Statistics for Social Science

What if I want to study abroad?

We have made it easy for students to study abroad in the Spring semester of their junior year. The seminar to help students write their Junior Papers (JPs) is offered in the Fall of the junior year. Students may also opt to study abroad earlier. Finally, keep in mind that some of our faculty are conducting research projects around the globe, including Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. (So opportunities to assist in research do emerge.)

Is there money for undergraduate research projects?

The Department has funding to support senior theses with a more limited amount for junior theses. The awards usually range from $250 to $500 and are made to complement awards from other providers in the SAFE grant application system. For more on how to use SAFE to apply for research grants, click here.