For Sophomores

For sophomores interested in majoring in Sociology: 

If you are interested in learning more about the Department, or would like to discuss your courses for the Fall 2019, please contact Cindy Gibson,, to make an appointment.

In the fall, juniors majoring in sociology are required take SOC 300, Claims and Evidence in Sociology, with K. Edin and J. Jennings, MW 10:00-10:50am and SOC 301, Statistical Methods in Sociology, with T. Hamilton, TH 10:00-10:50am.

The following courses can count in place of sociology’s statistics course, SOC 301, Statistical Methods in Sociology:

  • ORF 245/EGR 245, Fundamentals of Statistics
  • POL 345/SOC 305/WWS 211, Introduction to Quantitative Social Science
  • PSY 251, Quantitative Methods
  • WWS 200, Statistics for Social Science